The rules used by IPLCC abide by the universal laws of cricket. Rules are designed to provide playing guidelines for the benefit and integrity of the sport. The rules are for everyone and not just players. The IPLCC has a zero tolerance policy and we will try out best to make you follow the rules. IPLCC is trying to provide highly professional game possible so please play with rules and safely.Every team captains responsibilty to read TOC before season starts and they need to sign off that they are agreeing with this rules. Our goal is to clear everything before season starts and please try not to ignore any rules and regulations as they made to treat everyone in league equally. If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out any IPLCC member. if you feel anything is wrong in this rule. please email us at support. Thanks

Rules are as follows

1. Morning matches will start promptly
at 9:00 am. The toss should be completed by 8:45am. Afternoon matches will
start promptly at 2:00pm and toss should be completed by 1:45pm.

2.  All teams must attend on time for the toss at with a minimum of 7 players. If the minimum players are not there for the toss on the field and visible to the umpire the team will lose the toss.

3. Walkover: the following actions may result in giving walkover of matches.

4. Failure to have at least 7 (Seven) registered players on the ground by the end of Grace time or Failure to show up on the ground shall result in Walkover. The team that is present on the ground shall be awarded the full 2 (Two) points and Any team forfeiting a match (giving walkover) will have 2 points deducted from their points tally.

5. Teams refusing to start the match, teams leaving the field of play without umpired permission, players refusing to play, shall all be considered as grounds for WALKOVER.

6. Teams that have not paid the league have GIVEN WALKOVER, unless they have written permission from a league officer.

7. The finance committee/Treasurer bodies of such defaulting teams at least 4-5 days before the game day. 
Any team in violation of the time.

8. Every batsman has to have color pads only. white pads not allowed from first game. clads can be used to make it colored 

9. In the unlikely event of neutral umpires not being present, the league will appoint an umpire. Each team is responsible to provide a scorer and leg umpire. However, the league appointed umpire holds the ultimate discretion on the field at all times.

10. League management will provide balls,  access to online scoring- Every teams must do scoring on app now. 

11. Any player out of uniform will not be allowed to bat, field or bowl. Full uniformed kit (shirt & trouser)required with correct shoes for safety. With prior notification to the league a grace period may be granted to teams for uniforms.

12. Each team may carry a roster of 22 players. Roster of 11 must be given to the umpire before the match begins. The 12th man may only be a substitute fielder and may not bat, bowl or be the wicket keeper. Playing X1 players must need to be stay 20 overs, if any players bats and go. his runs will be deducted if management notices or if against team complains.

13. Player transfer/change/addition will not be allowed after June 7th. A player may only transfer one time during the season. Once a player has played for a team that will count as the first team and the player may only transfer to another team one time only and it will be before June 7th and to transfer player from one roster to another there is a fee of $50 which is non refundable. you must have receipt to show if any teams asks you to do so.

14. In order to qualify for post season/playoffs the player must have played a minimum of 4 matches in 20-20 format in the tournament, no special/unavoidable circumstances must be approved by the board.

15. Umpire must be given full respect and it is the Captain’s duty to control the players on the field. No  abuse will be tolerated. Any team found abusing the Umpire verbally or physically will be disciplined by the board. The Umpire’s decision is final and will be respected.

16. If for any reason there is a dispute between teams it must be reported to the umpire and the board. Appropriate action will be taken after investigation of the matter by the IPLCC Board.

17. Free Hit – A bowler’s overstep (foot fault) resulting in a NO BALL will give the batsman a free hit and the team one run for the no ball. The batsman may not be given out unless it is a RUN OUT. The ball will not be counted as part of the over. Field positions may not change for the free hit. The umpire will signal the not ball and raise his arm in a circular motion for the free hit.

18. Power Play( 20-20 overs game) – The IPLCC has put in place 1 mandatory power plays allowing only 2 fielders to be outside the 30 yard circle for PP1. PP1 will be during the first 4 overs of the match.

19. All ICC rules will apply in addition to the mentioned IPLCC Rules.

20. Use of a protective helmet by a batsman is mandatory.

21. The IPLCC will try to reschedule rain outs depending on the availability of both teams on the day and time provided by the IPLCC only if it is done with in 2 weeks of match date. Under unavoidable circumstances the teams will have to split points. A 30 minute rain delay is allowed after which the Umpire can cancel the match.

22. It is the responsibility of both teams to clean any garbage left on the premises after the match. In the event this does not happen teams will be fined $25 and/or lose 5 batting overs at the next match. The Board reserves the right to take disciplinary action against a team up to and including suspension.

23. Each inning will last for 30 overs, with one 15 minute interval. All teams are required to maintain time control. The match will only be considered complete if each team has played at least 20 overs.

24. Fees must be paid by the deadline provided by the IPLCC. Failure to do so will disqualify the team from participation at any given time by the IPLCC.

25. Each team has to have a minimum of 7 players to play a match. If a team fails to present the playing 7 by 8:15am (morning match) and by 1:45pm (afternoon match) the match will be forfeited and the opposing team will get the win. Any player joining late will have to wait the amount of time late to bat or bowl. If a player joining after the 9th over, will not be allowed to bat, bowl or be the wicket keeper and can only field.

26. Two points for a win. One point for a tie/weather and any unavoidable circumstance, irrespective of wickets lost/runs made.

27. Teams that are tied on points at the end of the season will be positioned based on their net run rate.

28. The IPLCC Board reserves the right to amend the rules. Any playing rules will only be changed by the majority vote of all team captains.

29. It is the Captain’s responsibility to be familiar with all the rules.

30. Captain’s are responsible for updating stats on the website and email the electronic copy to the league. Failure to update stats by Tuesday 5pm will result in a $25 fine imposed to the team. Failure to pay the fine will result in a walkover given to the opposing team at the next match. 

31.Use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Smoking is prohibited by everyone within the field boundary. 

32. In the case that the bails have fallen during play, the only way a batsman can be declared run out or stumped is if the fielder picks up or knocks down the spring stumps with ball contact. This is a IPLCC rule due to the use of spring stumps.

33. If any player comes after 7 overs in any format of game, he cannot Bowl, BAT ,he will be considered as a fielder and it wont be count as he played match. If any players bats and leave the game without feilding, other team will be consider as winner if against team complains about this. 

34. there are two weeks time to fix washout games, if they dont fix that before 2 weeks we will considered as wash out games and split the points.

35. Captain is responsible for scoring ( book and online) and it should tally with everything.

35. Every batsman has to have color pads only. white pads not allowed from first game. clads can be used to make it colored 

36. Any game abondoned due or rain or visilibility or with any other reason. it will be declare winner with Duckworth louis method, as long as Team B (batting second) minimum of 6 overs.

38.If management bans any player, he cannot play in any team until management clears all the issues with him.

39. Batting team should do video recording from this year so that there is no issue for stumps. If opponent objects and wantto see video they will only get 3 chances to check

40. T20 one inning should end in maximum 90 minutes If fails overs will be deducted.

41. Any team cannot give walkover to other teams if they need to be qualified for playoffs if management notices any fixing both teams will be disqualified from playoffs

42. full season schedule will be posted beginning of season; it cannot be altered at any cost. Want to switch deal it with teams and do it. Do not come to management as schedules are going to be locked forever.

Precautions to use while playing

Every player is responsible for their own injuries. Helmet, gloves, pads and abdominal guard is required to wear while batting and keeping. Play Safe is our goal so please play safely and try to keep yourself healthy, Management is not responsible for any injuries happens during games. our suggestion is to keep your self safe by wearing things you suppose to while playing, if you feel discomfort while catching or fielding you can always leave the ball or change your position, we are playing for fun so your part is to keep yourself safe first but we are not responsible what so ever. Thanks and hope you all understand here.